10+ ways female founders are finding funding, beyond VC funding

10+ Ways to Fund Your Business
10+ Ways to Fund Your Business

It’s time we pulled back the curtain and revealed the wizard: VC funding is neither required nor desired for every business. From my Silicon Valley perch, that may seem heretical, but to me, it’s just … logical. Very few companies, whether led by male or female founders receive VC funding. Just 0.05% of companies receive VC funding. Less than half a percent!

VC funding is especially not ideal, or likely, for businesses run by women. If we take the 100% of that…

That time of year is upon us again — you know, that time when everyone is asking what you want for Christmas and you inevitably answer with “I don’t know.” Well look no further: we have the gifting inspiration you need for yourself, friends, family, and co-workers. As we do each year, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite female-founded items this holiday season. We are also strong believers in supporting small and independent businesses whenever possible, and hope you will join us as we #ShopSmall and #ShopFemale this holiday season.

Here are 15 female-founded companies that…

Why should you attend The Wave Tour? Now, more than ever, is the time to grow your entrepreneurial skill set, perfect pitch decks, and strengthen your network. This year we have all been deeply affected by COVID-19, the civil unrest across the United States, and a volatile election cycle, but we also know that unpredictable times create an opportunity to change the tides in new, creative, and unexpected ways.

To best support women founders as they pivot and adjust to these new circumstances and business environment, we redesigned The Wave Tour from a series of in-person events across the U.S…

This past year has brought sweeping changes to our personal and work lives, has allowed us to take some much-needed time for reflection, and has shifted our view of the world. As we look forward, we are inspired by these 20 books written by inspiring women that have us laughing, crying, and envisioning a better and more equitable future.

These women have fought and overcome incredible challenges, have built businesses, created new systems and processes, have inspired movements; and they are paving the way for the next generation of founders, entrepreneurs and business owners. …

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Female founders, entrepreneurs and business owners collaborate, cooperate and co-create a community designed by women, for women.

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